Past Albert Lincoln

Beekeeper of the Year Award Recipients

1982  Albert E. Lincoln  Tulsa  One of the Founders of NEOBA in 1956: Member of NorthEast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

1983  Glen Gibson Minco Executive Secretary of AHPA; President of OSBA 1946; Member of Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

1984  Raymond Lone Grove President of Green Country Beekeepers Association

1985  M.L. LashbrookStonewall Organized East Central Beekeepers Association; Served as President or Vice President many years

1986  Earnie Knight Miami Four State Beekeepers Association

1987  Dorothy Brister Bragg Caddo Southeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

1988  Dr. Joseph Neiberding Miami Four State Beekeepers Association

1989  Chuddie Smith Guthrie President Frontier Country Beekeepers Association

1990  Jim GraysonOwasso He dedicated this award to the late Hugh Price: NorthEast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

1991  Novak Bullard Durant  Southeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

1992  Clyde Garroutte * presented to his widow by Chuddie Smith: Frontier Country Beekeepers Association 

1993  MJ Bragg Boswell Southeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

1994  Doug Bemo Muskogee Indian Nation Beekeepers Association 

1995  Harold St. Clair Owasso NorthEast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

1996  Raymond & Thelma Erwin *  NorthWest Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

1998  George Richtmeyer Noble Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

1999  Wilbur Severn Chester NorthWest Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2000  W. (Bill) McLaughlin  NorthWest Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2001  Phil Lindell Enid NorthWest Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2002  Everett Taylor Orlando Frontier Country Beekeepers Association 

2003  Jerry Logan Guthrie Vice President of OSBA: Frontier Country Beekeepers Association 

2004  JB Shepherd Waynoka NorthWest Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2005  Alan Larson Bixby NorthEast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2006  Euvonne and Carl Harrison Tulsa NorthEast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2007  Harry McQuown Oklahoma City Frontier Country Beekeepers Association 

2008  Tommy Thornton Newalla Newalla Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2009  Jerry Morris Norman Noble Beekeepers Association 

2010  Greg Hannaford Tulsa Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 


2012  Lloyd Ziegler Mannford Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association 

2013  Rick Hall  Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

2014  Kenny Hammond   Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

2015  Ken Sherron  North Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association

2016  Ernie Staggs Ada East Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association


2018  Jimmy Shobert 

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Ernie Beekeeper of the Year.jpg

Maribeth Snapp presenting

Ernie Staggs with the 2016 OSBA Beekeeper of the Year Award
Again, congratulations Ernie !!!


Mr.Jimmy Shobert

2018's Recipient of the
Albert Lincoln Beekeeper of the Year Award

The Albert Lincoln Beekeeper of the Year Award, named in honor as a founder of NEOBA in 1956 and the first recipient of Beekeeper of the Year , is awarded to a nominated OSBA member for outstanding services and contributions to furthering the art of beekeeping in the State of Oklahoma.

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